Why is the Core Important to Runners?

Why is the Core Important to Runners

By Dominic McKinley, MD, CAQ and Joe Mullins, M. Ed., LAT, ATC

Core training continues to receive more and more attention by the sports conditioning industry. Medical professionals such as physicians, athletic trainers, and physical therapists along with personal trainers and workout partners are encouraging the physically active to begin core training. This is because a strong core improves overall strength, power, speed, quickness, agility, coordination and balance. The co-authors of this article agree that core training is essential to performance enhancement and injury prevention. The purpose of this article is to define the core, outline the importance of the core to runners, and define core conditioning. Continue reading “Why is the Core Important to Runners?”

Benefits of Strength Training for Older Adults

Benefits of Strength Training for Older Adults

By Dave Van Zandt, CSCS, CEAS, Cert FCE

StrengthTrainingWhy Strength Training?

Research has shown that strengthening exercise is safe and effective for women and men of all ages, including those who are not in perfect health. In fact, people with health concerns often benefit the most from an exercise program that includes lifting weights a few times each week. Continue reading “Benefits of Strength Training for Older Adults”