Turf Toe: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

By Maggie Catlin

As the football season gets underway, many look forward to months of great plays and great injuries. Already in just the first week of play, Patriots starting quarterback, Tom Brady, tore both the medial collateral ligament (MCL) and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his knee. Other injuries typically associated with football include concussions, spinal injuries, fractures, and muscle strains. One of the more prevalent injuries, however, is a sprain to one of the big toe ligaments. Continue reading “Turf Toe: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention”

Age of Specialization: One Sport Vs. Multiple Sports

Age of Specialization: One Sport Vs. Multisports

By Detavius Mason

baseballpitcherKobe Bryant, Roger Federer, Tom Brady, Lebron James, Alex Rodriguez. When these names are brought up, a few things come to mind: excellence, transcendent talent, winning, but the thought of them specializing in one sport should not. Kobe & Federer were soccer players, Brady played baseball, Lebron played football and A-Rod played basketball, football and soccer. It’s kind of strange to think that each of these Future Hall of Famers in their respective sports didn’t spend every waking moment of their life dedicated to their chosen profession. Sure you have the story of Tiger Woods who was placed on the Mike Douglas Show to putt against Bob Hope at the ripe old age of 2. Or tennis great Andre Agassi who sometimes practiced with pro tennis players at the age of 5! But you never hear from the other side of the fence. What about the many athletes who specialize at a young age, only to fall short of their lofty ambitions. Wondrous success stories like Tiger Woods and Andre Agassi are aberrations, but as long as there are wealth and fame associated with professional athletes, people will attempt to make their child the next Tiger Woods. But the question you must ask yourself is “Is it really worth it?” Continue reading “Age of Specialization: One Sport Vs. Multiple Sports”