ACL Reconstruction


The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a ligament in the center of your knee that can become damaged or torn when twisted too far. This is one of the most common athletic knee injuries and not all ACL tears require surgery to repair. Treatment decisions are tailored to each individual and their particular injury. The decision whether to undergo surgery is based on the person’s age, activity level, how unstable the knee is, and whether other structures in the knee have been injured. For example, if the instability is severe, and the knee is constantly buckling, surgery may be necessary to prevent further damage to the knee.

During ACL reconstruction, the torn ligament is completely removed and replaced with part of another ligament in your own body, usually from the knee or hamstring. ACL reconstruction requires a commitment of many weeks and months of physical rehabilitation. The decision for ACL surgery varies from person to person and you and your Guilford Orthopaedic surgeon will discuss what is best for you.

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