Payment Policy

Before beginning any treatment program, we encourage you to discuss fees with a member of our office staff. Because of the rising costs of medical care, as well as expenses for services and supplies, we feel it is important that you are completely aware of, and comfortable with, the cost and value of your treatment.

Payment for office services is requested on the day of the service.

If your treatment includes surgery and its higher expenses, our staff will help you file insurance claims at no charge. Surgical fees cover charges for the surgical procedure and post-operative hospital and office visits for an average 90-day period. Surgical fees do not include hospital or outpatient facility charges, anesthesiology charges, initial office consultations, emergency room visits subsequent to missed appointments, consultations or second opinions. Charges for x-rays, supplies, cast applications and casting supplies, or orthopaedic soft goods are also not included in post-operative follow-up care.

Making an online payment:

If you would like to make a payment on your account, please click on Make Payment below. You will be redirected to the Patient Payments website where you can then proceed with your payment options. You will need your Statement ID and Access Code (both shown on your statement) along with your address and payment-type information (credit card, bank account/routing numbers).