Job Site Evaluation

The Job Site Analysis is a very important component to case resolution and deciding if a worker’s job is suitable or not. The collective goal of any work related injury is to allow the worker to return to work in a timely manner performing the same, similar, or some tasks which allows them to have a job. The Job Site Analysis can be ordered by a; physician, a case manager, an employer or an attorney’s office. It is scheduled on a day that is convenient for the patient, employer and industrial rehabilitative team member to meet at the place of employment. The employee is asked to be at the Job Site Analysis in order to get the full subjective report and account of what activities they feel would affect returning to work.

The goal of the Job Site Analysis is to evaluate all material and non-material handling aspects of the position which will be performed or is being offered as a place of employment for the injured worker. This is accomplished by taking digital pictures, video, measuring and weighing objects along with other tasks which allow for clear understanding of what is involved to perform the job. Most importantly the Job Site Analysis evaluates the workers current abilities with what is required of the position, making a recommendation of whether or not the job can / cannot be performed safely. This detailed report allows for all members of the treating medical team and people associated with the workers care to collectively understand what will be expected of the worker in this position(s).

The date and time of the Job Site Analysis is scheduled through an Industrial Rehabilitation team member and can be performed on various shifts and weekends if need be. The Job Site Analysis can last anywhere from thirty minutes up to two hours depending on the severity of the injury and complexity of the case.