What our patients are saying

Hi Dr. Dalldorf-
I hope this email finds you doing well! As we discussed, I work for Vizient and in my current role I lead practice transformation delivery efforts for our members, my team works with about 22,000 clinicians across the country. Vizient publishes a blog and this last month I submitted an article that was selected to be shared. Below is the URL, my experience with your office was the motivation behind the article. Please share with your team including the outstanding hand PT team! I am doing fabulous but only because your team gave me my best shot at recovery.



Colleen J. Oldham, MSN, RN, FACHE

“Dr. Thompson, Since my car accident in 2003, I’ve seen a lot of doctors, not because I wanted to but they honestly refused to help me if their “tests” were not definitive at determining my problems. So thank you for treating me like a human, for utilizing that awesome and expensive education you use so magically and being just willing to help me!”


-Shana Cole

“Our son broke two fingers playing ball with friends on a Sunday evening. Monday morning Dr. Thompson made time in his schedule to see our son without an appointment. He then took the time to explain our son’s growth plate fracture and offered a treatment plan that helped put our minds at ease. We really appreciated Dr. Thompson’s expertise…and friendly approach.”


-Don and Heather

“I would like to Dr. Frank Rowan and his PA Eric and Dr. Voss for giving me back my right knee and allowing me to walk with a cane within a week and a half!!! The scar is healing and I can’t believe I’m actually excited about getting my left knee replacement next month, thank you so much for helping me regain my stride and letting me get back to work.”


-Vahid K.

“It is a pleasure to recommend Guilford Orthopaedic to anyone who has bone or joint problems. I damaged my shoulder in a fall in 1990 and it required extensive surgery to regain use. As the years passed, I lost my range of motion to the point I had difficulty putting on a belt or a coat. I met with Dr. Jesse Chandler. It was determined that I needed a shoulder replacement. The results were amazing. I had no pain from the surgery. Recovery time was short and I resumed many activities in a matter of weeks. Dr. Chandler’s professional and caring concern was second to none. His staff was outstanding. When I began P.T. I saw the results of the expert manner in which my shoulder was rebuilt. If there is a finer orthopaedic center in the Triad, I would be completely surprised. Everyone I came in contact with was friendly, courteous and professional. It is a pleasure for this seventy-six year old to recommend Guilford Orthopaedics to you.”


-Alan Atwell

“Professional, trustworthy and a true master at his craft. These are the words that I would use to define Dr. Mark Dumonski. I equally feel the same towards his PA-C Kayla McKenzie and the staff at Guilford Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center. Let me explain why I feel so strongly about Dr. Dumonski. I am now 36 years old and have been living with severe lower back pain since I was in high school. I have been to chiropractors, physical therapists and other orthopaedic centers from New York to North Carolina and have always been told that I just needed to “strengthen my core”. I was never taken seriously until my first consultation with Dr. Dumonski a few years back.
Dr. Dumonski took the time to patiently listen to years’ worth of my pain stories and failed attempts to get them corrected. Without hesitation he ordered tests and within a week I was given my first real diagnosis, degenerative disk and joint disease. With his experience he put a plan in place which started with lumbar injections. These injections worked great and gave me my first experience of pain relief in years. By the way, kudos to Dr. Wang for taking good care of me during this time!
When the injections stopped working as we understood they would, Dr. Dumonski gave me a few options which included surgery (l4, L5 to S1 fusion). He explained to me the pros and cons of each option so that I was fully informed when I made my decision which was to have the surgery. The surgery was a success for both me and my family. For the first time I was able to go through my daily life without the back pain that made me feel so miserable.
A few months out of surgery I noticed I was starting to have a different type of lower back pain and immediately set up an appointment with Dr. Dumonski. He was very professional and again took the time to listen with an open mind. It was quickly diagnosed that my Sacroiliac Joints were now the culprit of my newly discovered pain. Again, Dr. Dumonski came up with a plan and a few months later I now have both Sacroiliac joints fused and I FEEL GREAT. I can easily say that for the first time since my teen years I am pain free. Although it was a difficult year with having 3 surgeries, my quality of life has increased dramatically. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Dumonski, Kayla McKenzie and the whole staff at Guilford Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center for their dedication and persistence to making my life healthy and pain free.”


-Michael Solares

“You guys are amazing!  As soon as I walked into the door, I could tell something was very different about your practice.  All the staff was cheerful and seemed to truly enjoy working with one another.  Such an attitude is contagious and it seemed to spread throughout the patients there.  My appointment was for 9:30 AM and I was seen early, and then kindly being guided to each person I needed to see.  I have seldom seen an organization so professional and organized.  From my walking in the door, my total experience was an A+++!  Thank you all.”


-Rodney Benson