Spine Trauma


There are multiple forms and varying severities of spinal trauma. This can range from a whiplash injury that ultimately heals without any suggestion of pain or impairment, to a devastating diving accident resulting in a complete loss of sensation and motor function in a patient’s arms and legs. The trauma can occur as high as the upper neck and base of the skull, as low as the sacrum or coccyx (the very bottom of the spine), and anywhere in between. As such, the treatment options for traumatic conditions involving the spine are endless, and the appropriate treatment plan for any given patient will depend on a variety of factors, including the patient’s neurologic function, the presence of other injuries and medical conditions, the specific fracture pattern (in cases of fracture), as well as the patient’s own preferences and goals. For these reasons, arriving at the best treatment plan requires an extensive examination and thorough discussion by a spine surgeon who really cares. Our board-certified spine specialist at Guilford Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center, Dr. Mark Dumonski, has become well-known for his exceptional bedside manner and ability comfort patients at a time when they might otherwise feel helpless and overwhelmed. Whether you sustained a fall after slipping on ice or had a more severe traumatic event, we will ensure you leave our office with a complete understanding of your diagnosis and treatment options. If surgery were ultimately decided upon, Dr. Dumonski will discuss in detail the specifics of the surgery, as well as the associated risks, alternatives, and the expected recovery time. Questions are always encouraged, and if additional questions were to arise after your office visit, please call the office. A return call from either Dr. Dumonski, his physician assistant Kayla, or one of his medical assistants can be expected within 24 hours of your call.

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