Fitness for Duty Test

Worried about your employees’ readiness to return to work after an extended illness or injury?

Let our industrial rehabilitation team assist you with making an objective based decision.

The Fitness for Duty test provides objective measurement on the employee’s readiness to return to work after an injury or illness. Fitness for Duty tests are tailored to the employee’s job description to provide accurate objective measurements of what is expected of the employee on a daily basis.  The company must provide detailed job descriptions of the weights, heights, distances and types of tasks performed to allow you the opportunity to objectively measure a workers ability to withstand the rigors of what is documented.  The primary treating physician must have released the employee for return-to-work in order to perform this test. This test can be performed here at the clinic or onsite at the place of employment. In all cases, the final decision as to the employee’s fitness for duty shall be made solely by the company. Our rehabilitative team will provide the company with the objective measured goals which then can be compared to the job description tasks.