Hand Therapy


Our Therapeutic Services department offers surgical and non-surgical hand therapy. We pride ourselves in maintaining close communication between referring physician, clinician, and patient, which lends itself to a thorough approach to meeting our patient’s rehabilitation needs while maximizing a return to full function. Our hand rehab team is led by a certified hand therapist/physical therapist who is trained in assessing orthopaedic problems of the upper extremity – from the shoulder to the hand, and also in investigating any related spine or neck contribution to upper extremity problems. Hand, finger, elbow, and shoulder problems can range from simple issues that require little rehab intervention to very complex conditions that require a dedicated comprehensive approach. We are prepared to teach our patients to understand and manage their symptoms and to treat our patients by the most efficient means possible to meet their desired rehab outcome.

Our hand and upper extremity rehab services include:

  • thorough evaluation (*loose clothing suggested to ease assessment of the injury)
  • exercise programs designed to specifically meet your rehab needs
  • pain and edema management modalities (ultrasound, electric stimulation,
    paraffin bath, whirlpool, moist heat, cryotherapy, iontophoresis, and massage)
  • scar care and post trauma/post-operative wound care
  • customized splint designing and fabrication to address mobilization or immobilization needs
  • arthritic joint protection program
  • work activity preparedness
  • patient and family education

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