The Role of Orthotics in Athletic Performance

The Role of Orthotics in Athletic Performance

By Joe Mullins, M. Ed., LAT, ATC

The importance of the feet in sports and the role they play can perhaps be understood through an analogy of a NASCAR racecar. All of the cars in the race look the same. The majority of the cars in the race have equal or very comparable engines. The difference in the winning car and the others is often times the ability to negotiate the turns better (known as the “handling” of the race car). The relationship between the tires and the chassis determines how efficient the driver can manipulate the racecar. The same holds true for the athlete. The relationship between the feet and the remainder of the other joints in the body (collectively known as the kinetic chain) determines how efficient the athlete can manipulate his or her body during skilled athletic movements. Continue reading “The Role of Orthotics in Athletic Performance”

Are the FCE’s You are Getting as Good as you Want or Need

Are the FCE’s You are Getting as Good as You Want or Need

The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) method has clearly been established as the best means possible for testing and measuring a person’s physical and functional ability, at this given time. The FCE has been used throughout occupational medicine to assess many patients in a variety of circumstances and employment settings. King, (1998) reviewed ten currently marketed FCE systems and presented “A critical review of functional capacity evaluations”. The most widely utilized reason for ordering an FCE is to perform a current assessment of an injured workers readiness to for returning to work following a work related injury or illness. King, identifies other reasons for FCE’s to be performed which include; post offer pre-employment screenings, to determine levels of current disability, identifying deficiencies and setting treatment goals for industrial rehabilitation, and most importantly case closure. Continue reading “Are the FCE’s You are Getting as Good as you Want or Need”